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BizTalk Server training helps IT professionals understand and apply this platform to achieve various business integration and connectivity tasks of their enterprise domain, Training is designed to assist learners to design and develop integration projects by using BizTalk without real time experience.

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BizTalk Server is an integration server product (Middleware) used to connect different applications, systems, or business processes within an organization (EAI) or between organizations (B2B). BizTalk is a kind of Integration server which helps us to integrate enterprise applications in one central location.

BizTalk Server facilitates integrating internal applications and securely connects with your business partners over the Internet. Companies need to integrate applications, systems, and technologies from a variety of sources. To make this easier, BizTalk delivers integration technology.

BizTalk Server has solved problems in three areas. First, BizTalk Server acts as an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) server that connects applications that are developed in different technology, platform and security between the systems.

BizTalk Server solves a second problem is business-to-business (B2B) broker that facilitates communication across different organizations like processing invoices between Amazon and Microsoft.

BizTalk Server solves third problem is business process automation which solves the manual workflow in the complex business. They are many competitors in the market for BizTalk like IBM WebSphere.Net WWF, TIBCO, OpenSource like Open MQ, Apache Mule and Open ESB.

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Module 1 : Introduction to EAI

  • The EAI Business Scenario
  • Integrating with existing systems
  • Managing Interoperability within a system
  • The B2B Business Scenario
  • Communicating with External Systems
  • Technology solutions available to integrate
  • Role of XML and Web services in SOA
  • BizTalk and SOA

Module 2 : Understanding BizTalk Framework

  • Why BizTalk?
  • BizTalk Framework Architecture
  • Messages
  • Adapters
  • Pipelines
  • Subscriptions
  • MessageBox
  • Orchestrations
  • Enterprise Single Sign-On

Module 3 :Messaging Architecture

  • Understanding the Message Bus
  • Content Based Routing
  • BizTalk's publish and subscribe architecture
  • Send and receive ports
  • BizTalk message box
  • Applying transformations to messages

Module 4 : Setting up a BizTalk Server Environment

  • Introduction
  • BizTalk server Installation on single machine and multiple machines
  • environments Gathering requirements by asking the right questions
  • Analyzing requirements and creating a design
  • Validating a BizTalk installation with the BizTalk Best Practices Analyzer
  • Managing the SSO system

Module 5 : Schemas

  • XML Schema in BizTalk Server
  • BizTalk Schema Editor
  • Document schemas
  • Envelope schemas
  • Property schemas
  • Flat file schemas
  • Canonical schemas
  • Schema custom data types
  • Reusable schemas
  • Convert schema as a class

Module 6 : Maps

  • XSLT in BizTalk Server
  • The BizTalk Mapper
  • Using basic and advanced functoids in maps
  • Managing transformation challenges
  • Calling XSLT in .Net class and pipeline components
  • XslTransform vs XslCompiledTransform /li>
  • Testing maps
  • Debugging maps

Module 7 : Pipeline

  • Pipeline Architecture
  • Standard Pipelines
  • Standard Pipeline Components
  • Building Custom Send Pipeline
  • Building Custom Receive Pipeline
  • Building Custom Pipeline Component
  • Debugging Pipeline Component
  • Recoverable Interchange

Module 8 : Adapter

  • Architecture
  • Communication Semantics
  • Ports
  • Filtering
  • Dynamic Send Ports
  • Enlistment
  • Hosting
  • Configuration Settings
  • Retry Semantics
  • Service Windows
  • Tracking
  • Context Properties
  • BizTalk Adapter Framework
  • Standard BizTalk Adapters
  • BizTalk WCF Adapters

Module 9 : Orchestration

  • Introduction to Orchestrations
  • BizTalk Orchestration XLANGs Engine
  • Working with messages in orchestrations
  • Routing BizTalk messages
  • Sending and Receiving Messages
  • Managing ports in orchestrations Port Bindings
  • Constructing and Transforming Messages
  • Correlation
  • Integrating with .NET Code
  • Managing Orchestrations using scopes
  • Exception and Error Handling
  • Communicating with Other Orchestrations
  • Generating BizTalk Artifacts from Database
  • Using WCF LOB Adapters in BizTalk Server
  • Debugging Orchestrations
  • Tracking Messages
  • Debatching

Module 10 : Advanced Orchestration

  • Transactions and compensation
  • Correlation
  • Construct a message with XSD class

Module 11 : BizTalk Server Automation: Patterns

  • Introduction
  • Implementing the splitter pattern
  • Creating a FIFO solution
  • Developing a parallel convoy solution
  • Routing using the resequencer messages in an orchestration
  • Implementing a retry pattern in an orchestration

Module 12 : Business Rules

  • Business rule engine concepts
  • Creating and testing rules
  • Managing business rule policies
  • Creating and managing rule vocabularies
  • Executing rules from orchestrations

Module 13 : Business Activity Monitoring

  • BAM Fundamentals
  • Conceptual Overview
  • Database Structure
  • Tracking Profile Editor
  • Using the TPE
  • Creating Activities
  • Updating Data Items
  • Continuation
  • Applied BAM
  • Writing Activity Data
  • Using Activity Data
  • BAM Portal

Module 14 : WCF Services with BizTalk

  • Introduction
  • Exposing schemas as a WCF Service
  • Consuming WCF Services in a BizTalk orchestration
  • Consuming WCF Services in a BizTalk messaging only solution
  • Exposing orchestrations with BizTalk
  • Develop WCF custom behaviors

Module 15 : RESTful Services with BizTalk

  • HTTP Verbs, Headers, and Response Codes
  • Publish and Consume Rest Services
  • Newtonsoft Json Supports BizTalk
  • Working with JSON Encoded Messages
  • Preprocessing Messages with IIS Modules

Module 16 : Logging in BizTalk

  • Log4Net
  • CAT Framework
  • Enterprise Library

Module 17 : Security

  • Enable message security using pipelines
  • Securely manage passwords using ESSO Affiliate Applications

Module 18 : EDI Message Processing

  • Validating EDI schemas and generating
  • instances Service schema extensions
  • Create parties
  • Configure profiles, including protocol and encoding settings
  • Create EDI and AS2 agreements
  • Create batches of EDI messages
  • Split batched messages
  • Configure the creation and processing of acknowledgement messages
  • Customize EDIFACT and X12 schemas
  • Build maps for transforming EDI messages
  • Configure tracking and reporting for EDI message processing Route
  • Messages using EDI-specific properties

Module 19 : ESB Toolkit

  • Introduction to ESB Guidance
  • Installation & Configuration of ESB
  • ESB Portal & Exception Handling
  • ESB application Transformation Service
  • Resolver Services
  • Itinerary Services

Module 20 : BizTalk 2016 new features

  • New Adapters - Azure Logic App, SFTP, SB-Messaging
  • BizTalk Server Azure VM support
  • Integration with Azure and Cloud applications
  • SQL Server 2016 AlwaysOn Availability Groups
  • Connecting Service Bus

Module 21 : Testing BizTalk Artifacts

  • Introduction
  • Testing BizTalk artifacts inside Visual Studio
  • Testing pipelines and pipeline components
  • Load Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Stress Testing
    • Mixing It Up
    • Overload Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Production Support Testing
    • Deploying New Solution Artifacts
    • Handling Suspended Messages and Orchestrations

Module 22 : BizTalk Server Instrumentation, Error Handling, and Deployment

  • Introduction
  • Deploy BizTalk Server applications using MSI’s
  • Deploy BizTalk Server applications using BTDF
  • Deploy BizTalk Server applications using Powershell
  • Deploy BizTalk Server applications using Build Master
  • Manage application configuration using binding files
  • Tracing BizTalk applications using DebugView
  • Applying event logging in BizTalk solutions
  • Enabling Failed Message Routing in BizTalk

Module 23 : BizTalk Server Administration

  • What to Manage
  • The Administration Toolkit
    • BizTalk Server Administration Console
    • BTSTask and BTSDeploy
    • BizTalk Explorer
  • Regular Administration Tasks
    • Application Deployment
    • Managing Hosts
    • Clustering Hosts
    • Configuring BizTalk Adapter Handlers
  • Troubleshooting BizTalk
    • Checking the Health of Your BizTalk System
  • Tools to Assist You
    • BizTalk Best Practices Analyzer (BPA)
    • BizTalk Documenter

Module 24 : Automate BizTalk Server management tasks

  • WMI
  • PowerShell Provider

Module 25: Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Introduction
  • Using the BizTalk Administration Console
  • Alternative BizTalk monitoring solution BizTalk360
  • Configuring the BizTalk database jobs
  • Leveraging the BizTalk monitoring job
  • Backup and restore BizTalk databases
  • Configure multiple MessageBox databases
  • Identifying bottlenecks with the Performance Monitor and PAL tools
  • Generating PAL reports for BizTalk health check
  • Using the BizTalk Message Box Viewer
  • Managing BizTalk sever messages through BizTalk terminator tool
  • Enabling Tracking and Viewing Tracked Data

Module 26 : BizTalk Server Performance and Scalability

  • Laying the Foundations
    • Hardware
    • Software Checklist
  • Monitoring Strategy
    • BizTalk
    • SQL Server
    • Dependent Systems
  • Common Symptoms
    • Orchestration Completed/Sec
    • Drops Off Suddenly High Memory Usage
    • Web Service Problems (SOAP Adapter)
    • Low Throughput (Not Achieving the msg/Sec)
    • Heavy BAM Usage
    • Spool Increasing Steadily
  • Performance Testing and Tuning
    • Load Profile
    • Performance Testing Tools – Load Generation Identifying
    • Performance Bottlenecks
    • Automating Performance Testing
    • Tuning Operating System Performance
    • Tuning Network Performance
    • Tuning IIS Performance


reviews about biztalk

He has an in-depth knowledge of the entire BizTalk offering. Because of this, he was able to dynamically adjust the topics based on the flow of the sessions and do justice to all the topics he picked up. Ability to talk both to the experienced and the fresher in the audience at appropriate levels, hence making it engaging for both the groups.

reviews about biztalk

I attended the BizTalk sessions conducted by Mr Kapil. Excellent course, well organised and conducted with the right pace. Sandeep is passionate with excellent teaching skills and good clarity.Maintains balance between theory and practical.Also appreciate the detail handouts which can be used for future reference as well.

Have you attended the class of Kapil Kumar, write a Review Click Here???

BizTalk Code Review

Code review is must perform after development in every integration project, the advantages of code review are defect free solutions, the code follows industrial standards and sharing knowledge.

I have recently performed code reviews on one of my integration project, but required on template which have a code review checklist, guidance and standards.

Richard had wrote great article about code review check list and i have added or modified points from his check list to the template which is helpfully for others who start the code review.

Download .Net Coding Standards

Download .Net Code Review Checklist

Download Biztalk Code Review Checklist

Code Review

BizTalk vNext

BizTalk vNext is the next generation of BizTalk server product and everyone is waiting for the new exciting features. Everyone is thinking BizTalk server 2016 is the last version of BizTalk server and integration projects migrating from BizTalk to logic apps . Most of the BizTalk developers are scared about their future in the BizTalk , BizTalk vNext is boosting the confidence in our future. BizTalk vNext has the latest feature packs and cloud integration include logic apps on premises.

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